Captive Insurance Companies

Bringing the benefits of captive insurance to your world.

Your business insurance policies have gaps, limits, exclusions and other risk retentions that a captive insurance company could cover. A captive insurance company is a company that you own and that issues coverage for specific risks to your business.

Many business owners diversify and segregate income in related entities. The operating company receives a deduction and the related company recognizes income in return for the product or service it provides, even though they share similar ownership.

Consider a captive to be like any other business to which a related company can pay for a product or service, but with a distinct difference – the captive does not immediately recognize the income it receives, so that it may build surpluses.


Advantages of a Captive:

    • Insure the enterprise risk that threatens your income
    • Builds cash equity outside of your estate
    • Liquid asset, in your bank, pre tax
    • Protected Asset
    • Penalty-free access to your equity
    • Exit at capital gains or less
    • Tax Efficient Wealth transfer