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Catalyst Advisory Group

is an advanced estate and income tax planning design firm serving high net worth individuals, families and business owners.

We deliver superior plan designs to mitigate risk and leverage opportunities while first securing cash flow and lifestyle needs. We do this in collaboration with the client’s team of professional advisors including estate and business attorneys, accounting firms, and other trusted advisors to ensure that the client’s planning goals are met.

Every technique recommended is financially modeled and tested so that it will withstand scrutiny by all members of the client’s team.

While not of interest to every client, it is important to understand that the projections have been done, the assumptions are sound and that the outcomes have a strong basis in economic reality .

Decrease Your Taxes

The goal of tax planning is to arrange your financial affairs so as to minimize your taxes.

Reduce Risk Exposure

In most situations risk exposure can be reduced through one of our techniques.

Increase Your Wealth

We help create an increasing spread between what you spend and what you earn.

Business Exit Strategy

Whatever the reason, we help you be smart about how you make your exit from your company.

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